Company Formation


Company Formation

MENA Consultancy has significant experience in advising individual and corporate clients on the most suitable form of establishing a legal commercial presence in the UAE with the aim of offering a strategic plan for long-term business success and sustainability.
Key aspects of our expertise in setting up a risk managed legal commercial presence in the UAE and the State of Qatar includes:

  • Incorporating a Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Registering a Branch office of a foreign company;
  • Setting up a professional business through a Civil Company owned 100% by professionals;
  • Registering a Sole Establishment;
  • Setting up a Trade Representative Office for the purposes of promoting products;
  • Setting up a legal commercial presence in any of the more than 38 Free Zones in the UAE; and
  • Incorporating an LLC or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or registering a Branch of an LLC or LLP in the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC)

In setting up any onshore corporate structures, MENA Consultancy will draft the entity’s full suite of corporate documents and supplemental agreements, tailoring them to meet its clients’ unique business requirements, ensuring at all times that the client retains 100% management and financial control of the business.

In addition, MENA Consultancy also sets up and manages companies worldwide in offshore jurisdictions to meet the specific personal or business needs of its clients, which, typically, would be tax planning, wealth protection, property ownership and facilitating cross border business. These offshore jurisdictions include:

  • Africa (Mauritius, Seychelles)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore)
  • Caribbean (British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands)
  • Registering a Sole Establishment;
  • Europe (Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man)
  • Middle East (UAE, Bahrain)

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