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We offer a dynamic and innovative outsourced compliance consultancy service to our clients

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Whilst the GCC continues to be an economically vibrant region anticipated to post economic growth with real GDP expected to grow by 56% over the next decade, it can also pose challenges and appear to be a complex and diverse region to do business in.

By providing a ‘full service’, MENA Consultancy works closely with its clients to alleviate such complexities and challenges by offering and implementing customized legal and corporate solutions that best meet their requirements.

Through highly experienced professionals, unique contacts and extensive knowledge of local laws, customs, rules, regulations and practices, we offer traditional as well as innovative and practical legal solutions based on best practices, as well as a host of other associated corporate services which are useful to both start-ups and established businesses.

Committed to developing and enhancing a unique relationship with our clients whilst understanding the challenges faced by businesses today, in particular their need to control costs, we adopt a partnership approach to our clients’ businesses and provide a cost effective alternative to larger firms offering similar services.

By engaging us to provide you with our broad range of services which include advice on corporate and commercial arrangements that are legally robust, setting up commercial vehicles that are fit for purpose and offering streamlined documents clearing and governmental liaison services which eliminate red tape, we enable you to fully concentrate on your business and take advantage of the immense economic opportunities that this region has to offer.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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